Nov 012011

another one of those nights. not tired, need to be at work in

halloween was uneventful. hung out with andy+friends, played munchkin, baked a couple of pies. i messed up the crust again, this time it was too dry. i’ll get it eventually.

going to be a tight week. my expenses out-number my income, so i think payday will be quite depressing. nothing quite like seeing almost 2 grand float right past you.

feeling kinda.. what’s the word for when you look in the mirror and just aren’t happy with anything? i’m not dysphoric as much anymore, but i hate when i get down on myself for all the things i see wrong with me. if i could just fix my voice.. i guess.. i feel like i have this generally “male” body, and everyone who sees me sees a man.

fleh. maybe it’s not true.

i don’t know what i’m going to do about my job. i mean, i love being a network admin, but i guess i never expected so much bureaucratic crap and red tape. everything i try to do is met with some sort of hold-up.. i have at least 5 projects that are just waiting on someone else.

i didn’t go to work yesterday. i didn’t really call in either, and i sorta feel bad about that. but i have a feeling i probably wasn’t missed. i’m going in tomorrow, then more face lasers tonight, and dinner with my parents.


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