Nov 132011

it’s been forever since i’ve posted- sorry! i’ve found myself suddenly very busy and very happy :)

other than being sick with strep throat for the majority of this last week (i still am), everything has been going excellent. i’ve been spending a lot of time with this awesome girl named aki- i met her through my friend andy. we’ve been on a few dates, and have pretty much been talking on a daily basis for the past week and a half or two. i’m really happy about that- she’s super nice and doesn’t see my trans-ness as a flaw. in fact, she likes it! anyone with that description is cool as fuck in my book :3

i took two days off work last week, sick in bed with a fever. after returning to work i quickly caught up- installing the new kvm, and getting a lot of vm work out of the way. pretty standard week i guess.

i don’t know what else to talk about- literally i’ve been dead tired/sick all week and haven’t accomplished much. going to the doctor as soon as i’m able so i can get some antibiotics and get over this fucking strep. it’s getting progressively worse and worse. it’s constantly sore now, it hurts really bad to swallow anything, and it’s starting to hurt to breathe. if it’s any worse when i wake up tomorrow i’m going to urgent care. :/

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