Feb 062012

january is over, so let’s recap!

the months started out normal. it was nice to finally get out of the holiday season- i can only take so much holiday cheer. Aki and i ended up spending new year’s eve at devin’s place, which was pretty fun.

Aki, devin, and i all went to gerome for a day trip early on in the month, too. at least i think that was in january. Aki and devin took pictures, and i just looked at stuff. sorta like kim-jong il looking at things, except i’m not north korean, or a dictator. or dead. we got really good burgers up there, too, and then went to a old mining town up the road. i loved looking at all the old equipment. the place was practically a junk yard, but it was cool nonetheless.

what else.. for the business, things were great this month. we reached (and surpassed!) 600 active orders- last month was the highest recorded gross income in the history of the business 😀

i’m still working hard on expanding everything. i have my friend allen helping me with support tickets right now- it’s exciting to have gotten to a point where i can sustain the business with more employees than just me. even though we’re talking about january, i just ordered parts for node04! they should be here and ready to go by next week. now i just hope i have enough power left in my cage.

the plan is to install node04, upgrade node01’s cpus (new opteron 6234s!), and then slowly upgrade node02-04’s cpus. meanwhile, i’ll be working on getting more locations up- germany is next, as i have quite the demand for european-based servers.

this year is going to be good for the business. personal, perhaps, too. i’m moving out of my shithole townhouse mid-march. no more shitty townhouse. no more disgusting roommate. and less bills!

i guess i’m not talking about january anymore.

still don’t like my job. my friend kat might be able to get me a job at an apple store- not my occupation of choice, but it pays okay, and their benefits will help pay for my surgery! that right there is worth going to the dark side- they give you what you need.

speaking of work, that’s where i am right now. i don’t know what to do so i’m writing. i’d read, but i think that’s like putting a but neon sign over my head that says ‘not working’.. phxfil01 ran out of inodes. again. i don’t know what they expect me to do about it. i can’t pull more inodes out of my ass. plus, i’m still lost on a lot of how everything works around here, and find it hard to get he motivation to learn.

which sucks. motivation doesn’t come easy these days. i think it has something to do with the hormones. my body’s doing the what-the-fuck dance right now, please come back later.

speaking of hormones: estrogen is awesome. besides the making me sad for no reason sometimes. like really, i can’t explain it. i can feel the estrogen in my veins and it’s bloody awesome. nothing else in the world compares to this feeling. it feels so.. right

i feel a lot better than i did when writing my last post. yeah, bipolar, yeah! i love when i’m like this. life seems purposeful.

i like having purpose.

speaking of things, nuclear fission is really cool. i still need to finish that book on the chernobyl disaster, but really. that shit is scary. and cool. and my brain just shut off i guess so that’s all i’m getting out about nuclear reactors then.

i had an interesting experience with an employee in january. the whole incident really made me do the jackie chan “are you serious?” face for about a day straight. basically, i hired this person to do support tickets back in november. i told this person, i’ll give you $200 per week if you answer support tickets for me. i even hosted a colocated server for this person to sweeten the deal. pretty awesome right? it’s a really simple job that you’re getting super over-compensated for- it only required max 5-10 hours per week, as our ticket volume wasn’t that horrible.

so like, a month goes by. they’re performing admirably, so i’m paying them. then talk about moving to finland starts. fine with me, you don’t need to be on the same side of the globe to do this job- really. you could do it from anywhere with internet. more talk about finland, until the new year rolls around and they hop on a plane to said country.

but they didn’t really ask for any time off at all. i let it slide. how many times do you get to go to finland?

about two weeks goes by- i don’t hear a peep from them in the first week. second week- they’re on irc a lot, but they haven’t logged into the admin panel in 9 days. finally they logged in and responded to one ticket.

and stupid me, i still paid them for those two weeks. full $200. that was my second mistake. maybe third really. so a month goes by of this half-assed not-really-working-and-still-getting-paid, so finally (after having talked to them a couple weeks beforehand) i terminated them. i send them $50 for their shitty work and said bye.

then they come back. they threaten me with small claims court (over $150. mind you, it’s probably $200 just to file). they say “we had an agreement” that they would get $200 per week.

i say: if you do your work. i’m not paying you for doing nothing. but they won’t have any of that.

it makes perfect sense to me. perfect fucking sense. you don’t work? you don’t get money. i’m not paying you to have a fucking vacation in finland you lazy fuck.

i thought about it for a while. i wasn’t afraid of claims court, but i really didn’t need the stress. against my best judgement i sent them the $150 and pulled the “lets not let this get between us” card (edit 08/2012: but it did, anyways)

and you know what they say? “i only demanded the money because i have -$70 in the bank”

fucking yeah.

who DOES that? who the fuck says that to the person you just conned out of money you didn’t deserve? your own immaturity and inability to handle your finances is what got you into this situation. i was under no obligation to even help you out at all, and yet i gave you that money.

the more i think about it, the more mad i get.

but i learned a valuable lesson: contracts. always. friends turn into bloodsucking assholes as soon as money gets involved. they’re not your friends anymore, they’re selfish motherfuckers.

but it’s over. the whole situation is done. new employee, on a contract, and he actually does work (edit 08/2012: just kidding). imagine that.

i’m about done for now. didn’t get barely any sleep last night. might go take a nap.

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  1. Wow.
    Just wow. I work a bunch of hours for a company that has a very popular mobile app and I’m receiving peanuts for my system administration work.

    Choose your team wisely. :-)

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