May 062014

my interview for the portland job was today, and it went great! like, really great. scarily great – the i-could-actually-be-moving type. i find myself in this awkward mixture of so excited i can’t stop smiling, and absolutely terrified. what will i do with all my stuff? what about my new potential roomie? what about my job, my lease?!

but, the interview! since i’m not in portland at the moment, i interviewed via phone. before i was even called, i tried to pump myself up as much as possible. i’m really confident when it comes to my system administration ability, but regardless tend to get pretty nervous. we started out talking about the company, jive – they’ve been around for 13 years, providing a hosted or saas solution for communicating with customers in group chats, group tickets, etc. the system integrates with most any monitoring/applications you use. it all sounds pretty neat, albeit a bit confusing.

we talked about the job itself. he mentioned it was mostly a “noc” job – providing support for their product, maintaining sla, escalating to their tech ops group, etc. the best part, in my opinion, is the oncall work: i was told i would only have to do one in five weekends, working hours only. compared to my current situation of one in for weeks + weekends, all hours (mostly).. i’ll definitely take that.

we talked about me, and my experience. current job duties were talked about a lot – what i manage, the number of servers, the number of vms. how things are escalated, and how i deal with the escalation. this part i feel i did great at. i can talk about myself for days.. linux doubly so. i tried to put as much confidence behind what i was saying, and it seemed to pay off. the interviewer was impressed with my knowledge and experience, which is a great feeling! the interview wrapped up with talking compensation, which i think is a great sign. in my previous experience, compensation talks have only been on second interviews, not first! the talk was quick, with what i was asking falling right in where they were hoping to hire at. that’s super exciting to me, because it’s the raise i’ve been asking for since i moved to the sysadmin position.

the call finished up with the interviewer stating that he felt i was a great fit for the company, and that he would be passing me on to the hiring manager. i am supposed to hear back from them by the end of the week, and i’m hoping for some great news! i think i’ve already decided to take it and make the move, if the opportunity is presented to me. not that i wasn’t thinking of doing that before – i’m just more solidified in the idea now. i was going to let my current job bid to keep me (i.e. presenting a written offer from jive and seeing if they will offer anything in return), but i don’t feel that it would be worthwhile. they will likely not match the offer, let alone get me to a level where i would be willing to stick around in arizona any longer. additionally, i find myself becoming agitated with my current work. not necessarily the work itself, just the process and the lack of recognition. i understand that sysadminship is quite a thankless job, but i don’t have to put up with it. i won’t fall into the trap of believing that “this is just the way it is” – i’ll move until i find a career that will give me praise for a good job, not silence.

so, if i do indeed get offered this job, the move is happening. i will need to void my lease extension, pack my stuff and leave the house by the end of may, and start planning on how to get my stuff up to portland – and at what pace. depending on what they are going to charge me for voiding the lease, i may be able to simply find a new place immediately. if they end up charging the two months rent plus $200, i will need to stay with my aunt and uncle for a bit to get back on my feet. i called them last night to talk it over, and it seems hopeful – they said they would call me back today with a yay or nay. if i could stay with them for two or three months, that would allow me to pay down the termination fee, and hopefully get a bit of money in savings for a rainy day.

my stomach is in knots with all of this, but i an certain it will all work out in the end.

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