Oct 252011

i’m done with roommates forever, unless i can get an agreement written in their blood that they will not a) fuck me over on rent or b) be a fucking slob. just spent the last 3+ hours scrubbing most of downstairs top to bottom. dishes in the sink from last week. stove top and surrounding areas looked like a fucking warzone. the floor hadn’t been cleaned since the last time i did it. trash and other shit strewn everywhere. the fridge is still a mess, but i’m not touching her rotting food.

i mean, it’s not so hard to clean, is it? it’s not like i haven’t brought it up with her, either. i made her _swear_ that she would clean up after herself before we ever moved in together. i’ve brought it up on multiple occasions, at least 4 at this point. so i’m done. i’m done fighting her on this. it’s my way or get the fuck out.

so i’m posing the ultimatum to her tomorrow: she has two weeks to clean up and stay clean (one week for each)- and then remain clean for the time remaining on our lease. if she can’t pull her shit together in two weeks, she’s out. if she refuses to leave, i’m out.

i’m so fucking sick of dealing with roommates.