Nov 162011

today is one of those days where i just want to scream. this is more or less how i’ve felt for the last 12 hours:

not that i should even be frustrated. i get to spend my nights (and days, when i’m not working) with an awesome girl. but all this other shit is crashing down around me. minecraft-servers is starting to lose traction and is sliding downwards. i blame skyrim, honestly- i’ve seen a lot of cancellations allegedly due to it. new orders have slowed to a crawl, and suspensions/cancellations are on the rise. i really hope this doesn’t fall apart yet, i need this business for my livelyhood. and to get out of my current job.

last night (after taking aki home, of course) was super-stressful. i tried to set up the new node, which i finally received the last of the parts for, and the onboard video is shot. so i have no way of setting anything up. fucking wonderful, right? i sent in an rma request to the manufacturer, but that’s just more money for the shipping, and the cross-shipment fee.. and more waiting. i’ve been waiting to get this going for about 2 months now, and this is just a slap in the face. there’s literally nothing else wrong with the board. i could probably work around it if i had a shitty pcie x1 or x4 or x8 video card. that’s actually probably the cheaper way to go, but i hate to keep using a broken board that i paid a lot for when i could get a replacement.

and my job. i’m so bored. every once in a while something semi-interesting comes up, but for the most part i just sit at my computer, bored as fuck. :(

i wish things would start working again. at least i have aki to look forward to, but i don’t want to end up jobless and businessless D: