Oct 242011

so i have a blog now for some reason. i guess it’s good to have a place to vent and stuff. i’ll probably forget about this after a few weeks like i did http://php.slowbro.org …but i’ll try not to. even though it’s super late in the process, i’ll be using this to kinda catalog my transition, and just to talk about stuff that interests me.

about me. i work as a network administrator and run a business selling minecraft servers and vpses and whatnot. it’s going pretty well, but i’d rather be doing only vpses than dealing with minecraft’s patrons. the average age for my customers is probably somewhere around 10. 😐

i’m a huge nerd. i spend most of my day with one or more command lines open. i idle on irc quite a bit, usually freenode, chatnets and dairc, though i can be found on efnet too if you look hard enough (don’t tell anyone). i enjoy programming, mostly my own personal projects moreso than stuff i actually get paid for. i know php pretty well, as i’ve been doing it for >8 years. i know it’s not the best language, and i *do* know some c++ and java, but i just like being able to know my way through a project like i do with php. a few of my active projects in php are phpircd, slowbot, and gettube.

anyways that’s me in a nutshell, for now.