May 072015

sorry about the extended downtime. a lot has changed in the past few months. i have finally moved to the portland area, after a couple years in the making! the server was down mostly due to my laziness, but also because it was free colo at my last job. once that got nuked, i procrastinated (until now) reviving the blog.

so, i am in beaverton, oregon now. it happened rather suddenly. i had been looking for jobs in the seattle, washington area since mid-december, to no avail. i had a couple of almost-maybes, including amazon web services, but they never panned out. i started looking in the portland metro area as well, hoping to find something, anything that would get me out of my current toxic work environment. in between a couple interviews, i unexpectedly got contacted by an ex-$old_job employee, who was now the cto at a new company, asking for a phone interview.

it turns out, one of my old coworkers at $old_job had recommended me for a sysops role. they were so excited about my skillset and history working at $old_job, that they actually reached out to me! it was quite the ego-booster. after a week or so of talks, a couple of phone calls and many back-and-forth emails, we came to an agreement that fit my surgery schedule, post-op healing timeline, and wage requests.

did i mention i had surgery? i did! the surgery! more on that in a separate post.

so, i accepted the job offer, and excitedly (but not too excitedly.. ah, who am i kidding, i was bouncing off the walls) handed in my resignation at $old_job, and immediately started my new career as a senior system administrator – i even got an unexpected title bump! i figure i’ve earned it, with 8 years in the field. i started out working from home, before and through my surgery.

i’ve learned a lot with this company already, and steered us in a lot of good directions for pci compliance and simple architecture. i have high hopes. my coworkers and supervisors are wonderful. i’m even allowed to bring the dog in to the office! i have almost complete freedom, call a lot of system-architecture shots, and feel like my voice is heard, given thought, and respected. it’s a wonderful feeling.

on top of all that, i am all moved and abut 90% unpacked. the new house is great. it’s a duplex, but my neighbors are super friendly. the husband of the duo homebrews, as well! so we have something in common right off the bat. it’s a bit annoying to come from a separated house to a duplex – having to be quiet past a certain time is not something i had to deal with at the old house. i don’t see myself staying here for more than my 1 year lease term – possibly moving sooner, depending on when i find the perfect place. who knows! for now, i’m happy to be settled for now.

i’ll try to catch up with my life through posts on here as time permits.